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Landice E7 Elliptical


The E7 has been around for several years and has gone through some cosmetic changes over the years. Landice’s elliptical is certainly smooth but more noticeable is the very heavy duty construction. LandiceLandicesconfidence in their own product, they have stamped their ellipticals with a Lifetime Warranty on parts.The design of Landice’s E7 elliptical is one that we like very much. Landice has gone with a center drive design. Simply, the guts of the machine are at your right and left sides while you stride in the center. This design makes it easier to get on and off the machine. It keeps the user more vertical as opposed to being pitched forward or backward. On top of the center drive design, Landice has also made the machines so that stride length can be adjusted 17″ – 23″. To minimize cost and increase durability, the stride adjustment is something you do mechanically. The adjustment to change the stride takes about 30 seconds to do while standing off the machine.The Landice E7 is available with four different electronic console options.

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