As always, we strive to bring to you what we feel is the best on the market. Unlike the person at the sporting goods store that is selling you a product they had no decision in, we extensively search out to bring in the best machines within their price class.

As you should, we look at the quality, the feel, the size, the look, the warranty, and the reputation of the company that is behind the product. With all that said, we feel that ultimately it comes down the feel of the machine. It has to fit and feel right or else you’ll never use it. Every manufacturer has their own idea to what the perfect elliptical motion is. Every machines feel is uniquely different from the next. You can research all you want about ellipticals, but the best review is going to be you getting on the machines and trying them out. We have 15 different models on our floor for you to come in and try out. Prices will range from $499 to $5649. Please read on for further detail of elliptical machines or click on the logos below to see in detail the products we offer.

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