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Assault Air Bike Elite


This beefed up adaptation of the classic Assault AirBike is equivalent to having your gym’s professional-grade fan bike transported to your home, office, garage, etc. Along with a bulkier steel frame, solid steel cranks and aluminum seat post, the AirBike Elite also has improved corrosion resistance, a bigger, more comfortable seat, and a larger and clearer LCD display with Comp Mode and Bluetooth connectivity.

Using air resistance and advanced engineering, the Assault AirBike Elite scales automatically to how hard you want to work, making it the ultimate fitness bike for interval training. The harder you pedal, the greater the resistance. It’s simple physics with big benefits. Users can also isolate the upper or lower body during a workout, or switch from forward to backward pedaling for additional variation.


Like the Assault AirBike Classic, the Elite model features an all-steel construction, but beefed up with a heavier frame (139 LBS vs. 96 LBS), solid steel cranks, new aluminum seat post/slider, bigger ergonomic seat (max. user weight: 350 LBS), and an advanced ISIS splined system for the drivetrain. The unit includes an industrial powdercoat finish and integrated windscreen, plus sealed cartridge bearings in every pivot—from the flywheels and pedals to the bottom bracket and linkage arms. The goal isn’t just reliability—it’s zero wobble and zero maintenance required over thousands of hours of use.


With a larger and easier to read console than the classic edition, the Elite’s LCD display also includes instant, multi-faceted monitor feedback with more custom programming options and new Bluetooth and ANT connectivity. Athletes can simultaneously track their heart rate, speed, RPM, time, calories burned, while also setting up exciting new HIIT interval training programs. You won’t just feel the effects of a good workout, you’ll be able to see the science behind it in real time.


The design team at Assault Fitness has put an emphasis on high intensity interval training for its time efficiency and proven effectiveness in developing lasting speed and endurance. The AirBike Elite was built with this type of training in mind. Not only does the bike’s resistance increase when the user’s speed increases, but there are also options for upper and lower body engagement or isolation, as well the ability to pedal forward or backward.


The Assault AirBike Elite can be used by a beginner, a rehabbing athlete, or a seasoned pro training at the highest levels of competition—no matter their sport, body type, or ambition. While fanbikes have existed for nearly half a century, modern advances in their design and function have made them increasingly in-demand among military personnel, pro and college sports teams, competitive cyclists and sprinters, and high performance athletes from the cross-training ranks. The key: you set your own pace. The resistance adapts to your own output, and the bike’s multiple, custom seat adjustments make for a more comfortable, customized ride.


Whether you train out of a garage gym or run your own large-scale facility, the AirBike’s quiet ride and versatility make it a great companion piece to some of the other top endurance machines in the industry, as well as essential Rogue conditioning products like Rogue Medballs, the SR-1 Speed Rope, and the Wise-Crack AbMat.


The Assault AirBike Elite ships with everything you need for a quick, one-and-done assembly. This includes an instruction manual with clear-cut guidelines to get you up and running.

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