Treadmills still continue to be the #1 most popular piece of exercise equipment we sell. Even with the current surge in popularity of elliptical machines, the treadmill still offers the most natural and effective form of exercise.

We shop the industry to bring our customers the best treadmills on the market within their respective price classes. Because of the popularity of treadmills, numerous reviews come out each year. You will see reviews from Consumer Reports, Wall Street Journal, Runners World, Health Magazine, and numerous websites. We encourage people to do their research, but ultimately the best review is going to be you getting on the machines are trying them out. On paper, or web, any company can make their machine sound as durable as the next. However, getting on the machine and testing the sturdiness, quietness, cushioning, control keys and overall ergonomics of the machine is the best way to find a treadmill that will fit your needs.

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