Recumbent bikes mean less stress and strain on your body while you are riding. They allow you to exercise with maximum power and with minimal strain.

Exercise bikes have been around for years, are an integral part of every fitness club on the planet, and should be a part of everyone’s exercise regimen. There are two basic bikes: uprights and recumbents. Are there reasons to choose a recumbent bike? You bet there are.

Riding a good recumbent with a great seat can be like sitting in your favorite armchair. You can relax, exercise, read, watch TV, listen to music. The position is even good for lifting small weights. You can do a little more on the bike, because you are seated and you don’t have to worry about balance. While walking and reading, it’s easy to get tripped up. On a bike, you can work with dumbbells–bicep curls, lateral raises. Don’t get too complicated doing too many things at the same time–just do your lifting slow, and get some reps, get the burn. A recumbent bike keeps your hands free for reading, talking on the phone and other exercises.

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