The elliptical cross trainer has matured from a little known specialty unit into a must-have piece of equipment for fitness centers and rooms. The elliptical’s low-impact, striding motion makes it a favorite among users of all fitness levels.

Unlike treadmills, elliptical machines reduce impact by not requiring users to lift and strike their feet on and off the walking surface.

And unlike stair climbers, ellipticals do not require users to lean on the handlebars to support their bodies nor do the machines require a jarring up-and-down motion of the legs, both of which can cause hyperextension.

Syracuse Fitness offers commercial elliptical cross-trainers that range in price from $2600 -$5,600. Which one’s right for you will generally depend on your budget, the size of your facility, and user preference.

Syracuse Fitness Store can help you weigh the pros and cons of different types of elliptical cross-trainers, manufacturers, and model numbers. Please call at anytime for us to supply you with product catalogs, equipment specifications, and complimentary facility layouts. We also offer free onsite trials of our equipment.

vWe proudly offer True, Landice, Matrix, Cybex, and Star Trac elliptical machines. Every elliptical machine that we carry will offer upper body handles allowing users to exercise their chest, arms, and shoulders while striding.

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