Syracuse Fitness Store offers Indoor Group Cycles from the best in the business. We have a huge selection that will make your head spin.

Indoor Cycle Bikes are much newer development in the world of exercise equipment and were first designed as training bikes for professional cyclists. And just like traditional indoor exercise bicycles, Indoor Cycle Bikes are stationary and allow people to enjoy the cardiovascular benefits of cycling in the privacy of their homes. However, the experience of riding a Indoor Cycle Bikemore closely simulates that of riding on various types of outdoor terrain. Indoor Cycle Bikes are designed in such a way that the rider must maintain an upright position. The adjustable seat is narrow and very similar to a regular bicycle seat and gives the rider the ability to cycle both on and off of it if they choose. This adds the advantage of working the stability muscles in the legs and back more than is possible with an upright or recumbent exercise bike. Although spin bikes sometimes have digital displays, many of the best designs avoid fancy gadgets.

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