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For 2008 Hoist Fitness has a new line of gyms labeled their V Series. We view Hoist Fitness as one of the premier fitness companies in the world. It is often stated that if it is not broke then don't fix it. However, Hoist continues to push forward to enhance their gyms year after year. Their gyms are almost like a piece of artwork, at which you can stand back and gaze at the construction and thought process behind them. Rock Solid construction with an ultra smooth feel, we encourage you to try their machines if you are in search of a high quality home gym.


Hoist allows the customer to design a machine to their preference. They offer 2 different base units, 3 different press arms, and 3 different add on stations.

BASE UNIT'S - Choose One

SELECT Base Frame

  • Ratcheting seat and back pad adjustment system providing quick and easy exercise positioning to accommodate varying body sizes.
  • Multi-function roller pad that ensures correct exercise alignment during both leg extension and standing leg curl exercises.
  • Standing leg curl allows you to exercise each side independently.
ELITE Base Frame

  • Patented leg station allows you to perform both leg extension and leg curl exercises from the seated position.
  • A range of motion adjuster provides multiple starting positions for both leg exercises.
  • Incorporates self-aligning roller pads that adjust automatically to accommodate varying leg lengths.
  • Multi-function back pad provides both telescoping and tilting adjustments for enhanced upper body support during chest, shoulder and back exercises
PRESS ARM'S - Choose One

V1 Press Arm

Designed to follow a predetermined exercise path, the V1 press arm features a range of motion adjustment system that allows you to quickly change the exercise starting position to accommodate individual body size and beginning stretch preference.

V3 Press Arm

Designed to simulate freeweight exercises, the V3 press arm features a 3-dimensional exercise movement allowing you to perform flat, incline, decline presses or fly exercises.

V4 Press Arm

The V4 is the ultimate press arm combining the range-of-motion adjustment of the V1 with the user-defined exercise movement of the V3 press arm. The versatile V4 press arm also includes attachable strap handles to further increase your workout choices.

OPTIONS - Choose 1 or 2 if desired

V Stationary Leg Press
  • Easy to enter, step through design and a swiveling footplate that automatically self-aligns during the exercise.
  • Ratcheting back pad of the V Stationary Leg Press provides quick and easy adjustments to accommodate varying leg lengths.
V Ride Leg Press

  • Exhilarating leg workout that mimics the natural, comfortable, and functional movements of freeweight training.
  • Using ROX™ technology, the user becomes an integral part of the exercise motion to achieve optimal biomechanical positioning and increased exercise range-of-motion.
  • The rocking movement of the V Ride Leg Press constantly shifts the user’s center of gravity to activate core musculature while maintaining a stable exercise movement.
  • Ratcheting back pad provides quick and easy adjustments to accommodate varying leg lengths.
  • Large oval footplate provides multiple foot placements during both leg press and calf exercises.
V HiLo Pulley

  • The V HiLo Pulley has 35 separate pulley positions designed to perform a vast array of upper and lower body exercises.
  • To make it easy to move from one exercise to another, the counter balance pulley combined with a unique integrated adjuster system provides smooth and easy one-handed adjustments.
Models that we have on display in our showroom:

Select Base w/ V3 Press Arm

Elite Base w/ V4 Press Arm and V Ride Leg Press

HOIST was founded in 1977 in San Diego, California and originally, manufactured equipment for gyms and commercial facilities. HOIST equipment can be found in hotels, universities, professional training facilities, corporations, government facilities, schools, hospitals, resorts, police and fire stations across the country and throughout the world. The hands on, personal perspective, regarding the likes and dislikes of traditional fitness equipment, has been the motivating factor for HOIST Fitness System's engineering transformation, creating numerous innovations and dynamic growth

The HOIST home line was developed after numerous requests for true health club quality fitness equipment for personal home use. The initial result was the HOIST 1000 home gym, setting the standard as the first home gym vertical press. Today, the majority of home gyms on the market are modeled after the original HOIST 1000.

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New Products arriving for May 2011 include the NEW Cardio Strider from Inspire Fitness, New Spirit XT Series Treadmills, New Grip4orce grip devices, The Sorinex Landmine Trainer, The Human Trainer suspension device, The Rumble Roller and many more exciting products.

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